Out to Lunch playlist for 05/02/2013

Leena Mahan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Leroy Jenkins, Abdul Wadud Straight Ahead Straight Ahead/Free At Last Red Record
David S. Ware, Jean Charles Capon Blues for a Change; In Memory Of From Silence to Music Palm
Julius Hemphill, Abdul Wadud In Space Live in New York Red Record
Noah Howard, Dave Burrell, Ric Colbeck, Sirone, Catherine Norris, Bobby Kapp Homage to Coltrane At Judson Hall ESP
Sirone, James Newton, Muneer Bernard Fennell, Don Moye Breath of Life Artistry Of the Cosmos
Gato Barbieri, Calo Scott, Sirone, Bobby Kapp Obsession No. 2; Cinemateque In Search of the Mystery ESP
Charles Tyler, David Baker, Kent Brinkley, Brent McKesson Le-Roi Eastern Man Alone ESP
Bill Dixon, Catherine Norris, Jimmy Garrison, Cleve Frank Pozar, Byard Lancaster Voices Intents and Purposes RCA Victor
Arthur Blythe, Ahmed Abdullah, Bob Stewart, Abdul Wadud, Steve Reid, Muhamad Abdullah Sunrise Service The Grip India Navigation
Julius Hemphill, Abdul Wadud, Baikida Carroll, Philip Wilson Rites Dogon A.D. Arista Freedom
Ahmed Abdullah, Chico Freeman, Vincent Chancey, Muneer Abdul Fatah, Jerome Huter, Rashied Sinan Self- Portrait in Three Colors; The Inchworm Part I Live at Ali's Alley Cadence Jazz
Human Arts Ensemble: Charles Bobo Shaw, Abdul Wadud, Julius Hemphill, Joseph Bowie, Alex Blake, Nyomo Mantuila Be Bo Bo Be Concere Ntasiah Universal Justice

the cello in 1960s & 70s free jazz, and a belated birthday celebration for cellist Abdul Wadud (b. April 30, 1947)