Out to Lunch playlist for 04/15/2011

Charles Hack
Artist Title Album Label Link
Wynton Marsalis Side A J Mood Columbia
Wynton Marsalis Side A & B Black Codes Columbia
Jason Moran Tracks 1-5 Soundtrack to Human Motion Blue Note
Jason Moran Tracks 2-6 Bandwagon Blue Note
William Parker The Peach Orchard The Peach Orchard AUM Fidelity
William Parker Sound Unity Sound Unity AUM Fidelity
Muhal Richard Abrams Colours in Thirty-Third Colours in Thirty-Third Black Saint
Roscoe Mitchell Side B Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory ECM
Wynton Marsalis Chambers of Tain Black Codes Columbia

Tuesday 26 April FUNDRAISER for TRIBES & STEVE CANNON Two Boots Pizza locations are donating proceeds that day to benefit the cause Concert and poetry reading at Tribes that night. RIP Billy Bang