Out to Lunch playlist for 04/15/2011

Charles Hack
Artist Title Album Label Link
Wynton Marsalis Side A J Mood Columbia
Wynton Marsalis Side A & B Black Codes Columbia
Jason Moran Tracks 1-5 Soundtrack to Human Motion Blue Note
Jason Moran Tracks 2-6 Bandwagon Blue Note
William Parker The Peach Orchard The Peach Orchard AUM Fidelity
William Parker Sound Unity Sound Unity AUM Fidelity
Muhal Richard Abrams Colours in Thirty-Third Colours in Thirty-Third Black Saint
Roscoe Mitchell Side B Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory ECM
Wynton Marsalis Chambers of Tain Black Codes Columbia

Tuesday 26 April


Two Boots Pizza locations are donating proceeds that day to benefit the cause

Concert and poetry reading at Tribes that night.

RIP Billy Bang