Out to Lunch playlist for 03/31/2011

Kevin "(the) Magu...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Eric Dolphy Music Matador Conversations
Eric Dolphy Mandrake Iron Man
Eric Dolphy Jitterbug Waltz Conversations
Prince Lasha Quintet with Sonny Simmons Red's Mood The Cry
Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons The Loved Ones; Firebirds Firebirds
Prince Lasha Quintet with Sonny Simmons A.Y. The Cry
Sonny Simmons A Distant Voice; Interplanetary Travelers Staying on the Watch
Sonny Simmons New Newk; Things and Beings Burning Spirits
Sonny Sharrock Peanut; Bialero; Blind Willie; Portrait in Linda of Three Colors, All Black Black Woman
Sonny Sharrock Broken Toys; Princess Sonata: Princess and the Magician, Like Voices of Sleeping Birds, Flowers Laugh Guitar
Sonny Sharrock Promises Kept; Who Does She Hope to Be?; As We Used to Sing Ask the Ages

This show was dedicated to the music of two Sonnys: saxophonist and composer Sonny Simmons, and late guitarist Sonny Sharrock.