Out to Lunch playlist for 03/24/2010

Anabel Anderson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy, Buell Neidlinger, Dennis Charles Bemsha Swing, Charge 'Em Blues, Azure In Transition Blue Note Re-Issue Series
Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor, Buell Neidlinger, Dennis Charles Air (take 29); Port of Call (no Archie Shepp) The Complete Candid Recordings of Cecil Taylor and Buell Niedlinger Mosaic Box Set
Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Alan Silva, Andrew Cyrille Amplitude The Great Paris Concert Black Lion
Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon, Jimmy Lyons, Henry Grimes, Alan Silva, Andrew Cyrille with (exit) Conquistador! Blue Note
Cecil Taylor Choral of Voice (Elesion); Lono; Asapk in Ame; 1st Layer Part of Indent; Indent; 1/2 of first layer; 2nd 1/2 of first layer Cecil Taylor solo (recorded live in Tokyo, May 29th, 1973) Trio Records
Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, Ramsey Ameen, Alan Silva, Jerome Cooper, Sunny Murray Side A Cecil Taylor: It Is In the Brewing Luminous hat Hut SIXTEEN (2R16)

Today's Out to Lunch program was dedicated to Cecil Taylor in honor of his 81st birthday.