Out to Lunch playlist for 03/06/2014

Sam Engel
Artist Title Album Label Link
Booker Little and hist Quintet Moods in Free Time; Man of Words; Hazy Hues Booker Little Out Front Candid
Booker Little Looking Ahead; If I Should Lose You; Calling Softly; Booker's Blues Booker Little and Friend Bethlehem
Sonny Rollins Oleo Sonny Rollins & Co. Vol. 4 [orig: Our Man in Jazz] RCA
Sonny Rollins You Are My Lucky Star; I Could Write A Book; There Will Never Be Another You Sonny Rollins & Co. Vol. 3 RCA
Don Cherry Remembrance Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966 vol. 3 ESP-DISK
Joe McPhee & Dominic Duval Celebration; Beyond the Truth/Lies; Moffett's Motif The Dream Book Cadence
Trio X Improvs and Melodies of Themes Roulette at Location One Cadence
Bill Dixon November 1981 November 1981