Out to Lunch playlist for 03/05/2014

Tess Domb Sadof
Artist Title Album Label Link
George Russell, Don Ellis, Garnett Brown, Paul Plummer, Steve Swallow, Pete LaRoca, Sheila Jordan You Are My Sunshine Outer Thoughts Milestone
Bill Barron, Ted Curson, Jay Cameron, Kenny Barron, Eddie Khan, Pete La Roca Men at Work; Tone Colors; Dedication to Wanda; Keyston Modern Windows Savoy
Ted Curson, Bill Barron, Herb Bushler, Dick Berk Tears for Dolphy; Quicksand Tears For Dolphy Artista
Cecil Taylor, Ted Curson, Bill Barron, Chris White, Rudy Collins Little Lees; Motystrophe; I Love Paris Love for Sale Blue Note
Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon, Jimmy Lyons, Henry Grimes, Alan Silva, Andrew Cyrille With (Exit) Conquistador! Blue Note
Bill Dixon, Steve Horenstein, Alan Silva Places and Things Considerations 1 Fore
Bill Dixon Long Alone Song; Shrike Considerations 1 Fore
Sunny Murray, Alan Silva, Jacques Coursil, Jack Graham, Byard Lancaster Angels & Devils; Giblet Sunny Murray Syndicore
Frank Wright, Alan Silva, Bobby Few, Muhammad Ali Unity Part I Unity ESP
Archie Shepp, Bobby Few, Bob Reid, Clifford Thornton, Mohamed Ali, Al Shorter, Djibrill, Ostaine Blue Warner, Lester Bowie I Should Care Coral-Rock America