Out to Lunch playlist for 02/07/2014

Ahmet Ali Arslan
Artist Title Album Label Link
George Russel and his Smalltet Ye Hypocrite Ye Beelzebub; Jack's Blues; Livingstone I Presume; Ezz-thetic; Night Sound The Jazz Workshop RCA
George Russel Waltz From Outer Space; Chromatic Universe Part 3 Jazz From Outer Space Decca
George Russel Sippin' At The Bells; Dance Class; Swingdon Come At The Five Spot Decca
George Russel Stratusphunk; New Donna; Lambskins Stratusphunk Riverside
George Russel Ezz-thetic; Nardis; Thoughts; 'Round Midnight Ezz-thetics Riverside
George Russel The Stratus Seekers; Kige's Tune; Stereophrenic The Stratus Seekers Riverside
George Russel D.C. Divertimento; Au Privave The Outer View Riverside
Gunther Schuller All About Rosie; Revelations Brandeis Jazz Festival - Modern Jazz Concert CBS

Focus on George Russel's music.