Out to Lunch playlist for 02/03/2012

Leena Mahan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Julius Hemphill, Malachi Thompson, J.R. Mitchell Concentration; Gone; Ram's Run Ram's Run Cadence Jazz
Burton Greene, Marion Brown, Henry Grimes, Dave Grant, Frank Smith, Tom Price Taking It Out of the Ground You Never Heard Such Sounds In Your Life ESP
Burton Green, Marion Brown, Rashied Ali, Reggie Johnson Like It Is Live at the Woodstock Playhouse 1965 Porter
Steve Lacy, Ambrose Jackson, Irene Aebi, Kent Carter, Jerome Cooper Existence; The Way; Bone Wordless Futura
Charles Gayle, John Tchicai, Sirone, Reggie Nicholson Needs; Coming Together Always Born Silkheart
Leo Smith & the Creative Improvisors Orchestra Return to My Native Land II The Sky Cries the Blues CMIF
Hannibal Marvin Peterson, George Adams, Diedra Murray, Steve Neil, Makaya Ntshoko Swing Low Sweet Chariot Hannibal in Antibes Inner City
Charles Tyler, David Baker, Kent Brinkley, Brent McKesson Le-Roi Eastern Man Alone ESP
Malachi Favors solo Tutankhamen Congliptious Nessa