Out to Lunch playlist for 01/28/2010

Anabel Anderson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Cedar Walton ; Billy Higgins; George Coleman; Sam Jones Bolivia; 5/4 Thing; Bittersweet Eastern Rebellion Timeless Muse Records
Cedar Walton; Billy Higgins; David Williams Short Comings; Voice Deep Within Cedar Walton Trio Timeless Records
George Coleman; Tete Montoliu Sophisticated Lady; Lisa; Dynamic Duo Meditation Timeless Records
David S. Ware Trio An Ancient Formula; Ancient Visitors Passage to Music Silkheart Records
Cooper-Moore (on piano, three-stringed fretless banjo, ashimba, + diddley-bo respectively) Solo from Bordeaux; Crow Shit on the Window; Emancipation; A Lament for Trees Cooper-Moore 50 Miles of Elbow Room
Matthew Shipp "String" Trio (w/ Mat Maneri, William Parker) Signal; By the Law of Music; Implicit; Solitude By The Law of Music Hat Hut Records
Matthew Shipp Quartet (w/ Roy Campbell, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver) Visions; Prelude to a Kiss Pastoral Composure Thirsty Ear Records