Out to Lunch playlist for 01/06/2012

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Vijay Iyer Dogon A.D.; Mystic Brew; Trident: 2010 Historicity ACT
Stephen Crump Rosetta Trio Escalateur; Pernambuco Reclamation Sunnyside
Jenny Scheinman The Frog Threw His Head Back and Laughed; Song of the Open Road; Moe Hawk 12 Songs CryptoGramophone
Ben Allison Tricky Dick; Talking Heads; Hey Man Cowboy Justice Palmetto
Curtis Hasselbring White Sauce Hot Sauce Boss?; The Infinite Infiniteness of Infinity; ABCs of the Future; Plubis Epilogue The New Mellow Edwards Skirl
Mostly Other People Do the Killing Drainlick; Two Boot Jacks; Fagundus; The Bats in Belfry This Is Our Moosic Hot Cup
Steve Lehman Check This Out; On Meaning; Great Plains of Algiers; Process On Meaning Pi
Nels Cline Yokada Yokada / The Rumproller; Compulsion New Monastery CryptoGramophone
Steven Bernstein Pennies from Heaven MTO Volume 1 Sunnyside

Music from performers in the 2012 Winter Jazzfest, which takes place this weekend.