Live Constructions playlist for 12/18/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Kyle Clyde Beyond the Meniscus Beyond the Meniscus Trepanner
Kyle Clyde Live In-Studio Set WKCR Live Constructions
Kyle Clyde Live In-Studio Interview WKCR Live Constructions

My guest this evening was Brooklyn-based artist Kyle Clyde. Kyle is an incredibly talented artist, working in video, visual, audio, etc., with particularly incredible work in noise music and performance. Tonight, Kyle played a live set, incorporating electronics and tapes for the piece we heard. We also listened to a 2009 release of hers, "Beyond the Meniscus."

After her set, Kyle spoke about some of her upcoming releases on Anarchy Moon and Obsolete Units, as well as the "direction" her audio art is taking and her curatorial endeavors. Kyle discussed her work as co-founder with Dylan Hay of Port D'Or, a DIY noise performance space in Crown Heights, BK, and the importance in general of live music and live art.

For more information on Kyle, check out her website,
For more on Port D'Or, including information about upcoming shows (like the NYE one coming up December 31st!) and events, e-mail or check Port D'Or out on Facebook.