Live Constructions playlist for 11/27/2011

Improv; Continuation of Improv with Jojo; Galen Curnoe, Licht, Warren Pratten; Aya, Clement, Moore; Junko, Kapsalis; Corbett, Licht; Aya, Corbett, McIntyre, Rammel
This evening we listened to a disc 3 of 1998's No Music Festival, which took place in London, Ontario. This disc highlighted the Saturday Night Jams led by Thurston Moore. I also announced what's coming up this month in Live Constructions. So, to repeat in a coherent manner, here goes. 1.) On 4 December, we have Amy X Neuberg, a voice and electronics artist described as "a one-woman musical hurricane." Amy's in town for two shows at the Cornelia Street Cafe. 2.) On 11 December, an in-studio performance, DJ set, and chat with Sewer Election and with Alter of Flies. Both musicians are in from Sweden for Issue Project Room's two-day Swedish Energies festival and a show at Red Light District. 3.) On 18 December, Kyle Clyde will be in to play a set and chat about a new release and newspaper feature, as well as, you know, her art. Then we go away for a while because of our annual Bach Festival. TUNE IN AGAIN IN JANUARY!