Live Constructions playlist for 10/23/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Infernal Machines In-studio Set #1 WKCR Live Constructions
Hans Tammen & Lars Graugaard In-Studio Interview WKCR Live Constructions
Infernal Machines In-studio Set #2 WKCR Live Constructions

This Sunday on "Live Constructions, Hans Tammen and Lars Graugaard will be performing together as Infernal Machines. Their Infernal Machines project is an experimental electronics project of extreme contrasts and aggressive rhythms which explores sonic spaces. Tammen, through his guitar and electronics work, creates sounds described, "As an alien world of bizarre textures and a journey through the land of unending sonic operations." Graugaard is a Danish composer, flautist, and electronics musician. They are coming into WKCR after a series of Infernal Machines shows.

For more on Lars and his music, check out his website, For more on Hans and his projects, please see his site,