Live Constructions playlist for 08/08/2010

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Aki Onda First Thought Last Thought (1988) WKCR Live Constructions
Aki Onda In-Studio Interview WKCR Live Constructions
Aki Onda Ocean Celestum WKCR Live Constructions

This evening, we listened to two field recordings recorded by Aki Onda, a self-taught musician, composer, producer, and multi-media artist currently based out of Brooklyn.

We first heard the entirety of his first-ever cassette recording, "First Thought Best Thought," a field recording that began as a sort of audio-diary for Onda in Morocco 1988. We then heard a bit about the piece and his tape music. We then went on to hear one of two field recordings of the sea in Normandy, this one entitled "Ocean Celestum."

For more information about Onda, his music, and other upcoming projects, see