Live Constructions playlist for 08/07/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Mannion with Caitlin Haughney Live In-Studio Set WKCR Live Constructions
John Mannion Side B Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal Hanson Records
John Mannion and Caitlin Haughney Live In-Studio Interview WKCR Live Constructions
John Mannion Inductance Electromagnetism Mannion Chemicals
John Mannion Entanglement; Metaposition Metacommunication Mannion Chemicals
John Mannion Apnea
John Mannion -._72n_.- ----))72r((---- Accretion Disk

This Sunday, John Mannion came into WKCR to perform a live set with Caitlin Haughney on "Live Constructions." They played a condensed "sampler" of a set, featuring parts from the two pieces making up John's solo Hanson Records 2011 LP, "Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal." Before we spoke, we actually listened to the entirety of the second piece, that makes up Side B of the LP. We then spoke about the three years of work that went into those pieces, from mastering "fan techniques" to John's careful composition and recording process, as well as upcoming projects for John and for Caitlin, including a possible collaboration. Finally, John played a few recordings of his solo pieces.