Live Constructions playlist for 07/24/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Pharmakon Cast Into the Crowning Point
Raspberry Bulbs What It Is Between Us Nature Tries Again
Raspberry Bulbs Life On The Level Nature Tries Again
USA Baby Curdled
Yellow Tears Remnants of Humanity Bead Off Our Skin Cult of Yellow Tears
Secret Boyfriend Hall of Crucified Animals
Secret Boyfriend Night Waste Pt. II
Diaphragm Retribution From Afar Lucinor
Bloodyminded Chalk Eaters Gift Givers
Bloodyminded Girlfriend Announces That She Is Beginning Professional Treatment For Severe Depression Magnetism
Yohimbe Excerpt Live w/ Jeremy and Friends
John Mannion Entanglement Metacommunication
KP Excerpt Moral and Decadence
Skin Graft Cold Shock Dystrophy
Skatman Well, Well, Well S/T
Ahlzagailzeguh Stressful Bed
Diaphragm Fireflies The Band
Diaphragm Last Chance To Dance
Teenybopper -excerpts- Freaks of Biology
Dysgenix Minimum Wage Romance
Dysgenix Tuncle Pom's Cabin
Russian Tsarlag Open Casket Open Casket

Ryan Woodhall, Jeremy Nissan, and Frank Ludovico of Yellow Tears and Nick Pace of Diaphragm came into WKCR to guest DJ "Live Constructions." They played tracks by musicians coming in to play Burning Fleshtival III, a noise and experimental music festival taking place this coming weekend. Head out to Red Light District in Far Rockaway 29 and 30 July for music starting promptly at 8 p.m.; with 11 bands each night, a "waterpark," and grilling, you shouldn't miss it.

For more information, check out and

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