Live Constructions playlist for 05/15/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
NONHORSE In-Studio Live Set WKCR Live Constructions
G. Lucas Crane In-Studio Live Interview WKCR Live Constructions

This Sunday we were lucky enough to be joined in studio by the wonderful G. Lucas Crane. Lucas, under his solo project moniker "NONHORSE," performed an extended live set (well over an hour long!) in which he uses two tape players, a pedal, and hundreds of cassette tapes of his own creation to make a sort of psychedelic sound collage.

Lucas then spoke about the merits of collage as a form of expression, about radio as a medium, and about upcoming releases and performances. He has a cassette coming out in the upcoming week, as well as three live shows. He is playing May 17 at the Clocktower Gallery (108 Leonard Street) as a part of his ongoing "MORAL COMBAT" performance series, with this week's guest being Daniel Carter. Lucas then has a show on Thursday, May 19th, at the Cookie Gallery (377 Montgomery Street). Finally, the following Tuesday he is playing a NONHORSE set at the Silent Barn, out in Ridgewood, with Wolf Eyes, Dysgenix, and Diablo.

For any questions or to find more information about Lucas, his musical projects (of which there are many), and tour dates and record releases, check out his website -------->