Live Constructions playlist for 03/20/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
Nautical Almanac Twenty Twenty Cover the Earth Heresee
Nautical Almanac Stopstart Cover the Earth Heresee
Nautical Almanac Excerpt of Live Interview, recorded in-studio 03/20/2011 WKCR Live Constructions

This evening, we listened to an excerpt of an interview conducted at WKCR's studios this afternoon with Carly Ptak and Twig Harper, the core duo who make up the current incarnation of Nautical Almanac. Nautical Almanac, a legendary noise outfit founded in 1994 by Harper in Michigan, relocated with the move of Ptak and Harper to Baltimore almost 10 years ago, becoming an integral part of the music scene in Baltimore's flourishing arts community.

Ptak and Harper speak about their work in Nautical Almanac and the artistic and philosophic approach and attitude towards music and art. They also speak about their time in Baltimore running Tarantula Hill, their home-turned-performance-and-recording space. They also discuss their label Heresee Records and the meaning of issuing concrete releases of recorded audio. In addition to their artistic output, Carly and Twig discuss their work in hypnosis and instrument and machine invention, respectively. For more information about Carly and Twig, check out, the website where all information about their label and music and personal projects can be found.

For information about Nautical Almanac and information about upcoming Live Constructions performances, please see, the new source for all information about upcoming Sunday evening (and other) live programming here in the New Music Department at WKCR.