Live Constructions playlist for 01/16/2011

Narine Atamian
Artist Title Album Label Link
John Olson & Nate Young Interview - part 1 WKCR Live Constructions
Stare Case Lose Today
John Olson & Nate Young Interview - pt 2 WKCR Live Constructions
Wolf Eyes Untitled AA Compilation LP Volume One AA Records
Wolf Eyes Half Animal, Half Insane Dread Hanson Records / American Tapes / Bulb Records
Demons Live Enemy Demons / Vertonen split Scratch and Sniff Entertainment / Crippled Intellect Productions

This evening I aired an interview with John Olson and Nate Young, during which they discussed their new project, Stare Case. Stare Case is a noise project incorporating aspects of blues music, featuring Nate on bass, vocals, and synthesizers and John on reed instruments, sax, and electronics.

Best known as founders of the legendary noise group Wolf Eyes, Olson and Young were in town from Michigan on their January 2011 "Actin' Bad" tour. They headlined a show at Red Light District and performed at a P.S. 1 show before continuing on to Baltimore for another show.

For more information about Stare Case, check out From there, you can find out about upcoming Stare Case releases, tour dates, and more. American Tapes is the place to go to find out about other projects and work of John and Nate. You can also head to for more information about their work.