Jazz 'til Dawn playlist for 08/22/2010

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy This Love Affair; Orujo; The View from Blue Mountain; Twilight of the Dogs; Bowie; Rava; Fats; The Brass Ring; Mister Pitiful; Great Awakening; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Spirit Moves Greenleaf Music
Rez Abbasi Dream State; Air Traffic; Hard Colors; Things to Come; Why Me Why Them; Within Sanity; Realities of Chromaticism; Insulin Things to Come Sunnyside
Fight the Big Bull Mobile Tigers; Mothra; The Sacred Harp; Jemima Surrender; Gold Lions; All Is Gladness in the Kingdom; Eddie and Cameron Strike Back/Satchel Paige; Martin Denny; Rockers All Is Gladness in the Kingdom Clean Feed
Curtis Hasselbring White Sauce Hot Sauce Boss?; The Infinite Infiniteness of Infinity; ABCs of the Future; Plubis Epilogue; Double Negative; (I'm the annoying guy who always yells) Freebird; Insaniterrier (the Radio Dog); Scatology; Ana; Far-away Planet; Mamcita The New Mellow Edwards Skirl
Miles Okazaki Theme I; Spiral; Mirror I; Howl; Invention; Theme II; Metamorphosis; Halfway; Momentum; Canon Mirror Miles Okazaki