Jazz Profiles playlist for 11/27/2011

Zoë Harris
Artist Title Album Label Link
Roswell Rudd Satan's Dance Everywhere
Marion Brown Spooks; West India Three For Shepp
Archie Shepp Basheer Mama Too Tight
Archie Shepp Keep Your Heart Right; The Lady Sings the Blues Live in San Francisco
Albert Ayler Holy Ghost (Lörrach) Lörrach/Paris 1966
Albert Ayler Ghost (1st Version) (Paris) Lörrach/Paris 1966
Albert Ayler Truth Is Marching In Live at the Village Vanguard
Gato Barbieri Zelao; Antonio das Mortas The Third World
Steve Lacy; Roswell Rudd; Kent Carter; Beaver Harris The Bite; Papa's Midnite Hop; Robes Trickles
Michael Mantler & Jazz Composers Orchestra Communication #10; Preview Jazz Composer's Orchestra
Grachan Moncur III & Jazz Composer's Orchestra Prologue-Reverend King's Wings-Medgar's Menace-Drum Transition-Garvey's Ghost (Space Station) Echoes of Prayer
Archie Shepp Money Blues Things Have Got To Change
Archie Shepp Attica Blues; Ballad for a Child Attica Blues
Archie Shepp African Drum Suite (Part 1 & 2) The Cry of My People
Beaver Harris & Hannibal Marvin Peterson Moon (Swing Low Sweet Chariot)—My Favorite Things WKCR ARCHIVES—Jazz Alternatives Live Recording (November 29, 1976)
Beaver Harris, featuring David S. Ware African Drums African Drums
Beaver Harris/Don Pullen 360 Degree Music Experience Land of the Phaoroahs A Well Kept Secret
Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience Negcaumongus pt. 1 Negcaumongus
Blue Humans excerpt Blue Humans Live 1980

drummer William "Beaver" Harris (1936-1991) !!