Jazz Profiles playlist for 09/25/2011

Rachel Meirs
Artist Title Album Label Link
Stuff Smith Timmy Rosenkrantz Blues Live in Paris, 1965 France's Concert
Stephane Grappeli Daphne Homage to Django Classic Jazz 23
Joe Venuti and George Barnes Take the "A" Train Live at the Concord Summer Festival Concord Jazz
Humair - Louiss - Ponty Oleo Humair - Louiss - Ponty Volume 2
Joe Maneria, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri Bird's In the Belfry Three Men Walking BMG Classics
Joe Maneria, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri Let Me Tell You Three Men Walking BMG Classics
Joe Maneri Quartet The New Clock, Whittle off the Middle Let the Horse Go
Joe Maneri Quartet Alto, Tenderly Tenderly Hat Hut
Joe Maneri Quartet Motherless Child, Prelude to a Kiss In Full Cry ECM 1617
Matthew Shipp Quartet flow of Y, flow of U The Flow of X Thirsty Ear Records
Matthew Shipp Duo with Mat Maneri Greensleeves Gravitational Systems Hat Hut
Maneri Ensemble Before the Sermon, Going to Church Going to Church AUM Fidelity
Mat Maneri and Randy Peterson Of it's Own Kind, Sunned, Parched Throat Watanabe Light Trigger No More Records
The Mat Maneri Trio Blue Seven, Mahler Fever Bed Leo Records
Mat MAneri Quintet Dolphy Dance, My Funny Valentine, East Broadway Rundown Acceptance Hat Hut
Mat Maneria featuring Joe McPhee Alone, In Peace Sustain Thirsty Ear
Craig Taiborn Jnk Magic, Mystero, Prismatica Junk Magic FSNT
Mat Maneri Quartet Hush Little Baby, It #2 Blue Decco Thirsty Ear

Profile featuring Mat Maneri!