Jazz Profiles playlist for 09/04/2011

Leena Mahan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Julius Hemphill The Hard Blues 'Coon Bid'ness Arista
Charles Mingus C Jam Blues At Carnegie Hall Atlantic
Eddie Jefferson Night Train The Main Man Inner City
Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor New York Maze Apple Cores Philly Jazz
Anthony Braxton Composition 37 New York, Fall 1974 Arista
Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Ensemble Full Deep and Mellow In: Sanity Black Saint
Hamiet Bluiett Tranquil Beauty Wildflowers 4: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions Douglas
Hamiet Bluiett The Mighty Denn; The Village of Brooklyn, Ill. 62059; My Father's House Birthright: A Solo Blues Concert India Navigation
The World Saxophone Quartet Dar El Sudan; Bajou Scetches; Point of No Return Point of No Return Moers Music
The World Saxophone Quartet Paper Works; Open Air Live at Brookly Academy of Music Black Saint
Hamiet Bluiett Run Away; Sub-Jump The Clarinet Family Black Saint
Hamiet Bluiett Septet Oasis-The Well Orchestra, Duo & Septet Chiaroscuro
Hamiet Bluiett Happy Spirit; Flux/A Bad M.F. Resolution Black Saint
Hamiet Bluiett Between the Raindrops; Sobre una Nube Endangered Species India Navigation
Hamiet Bluiett Yusuf/Sankofa Im/possible to Keep India Navigation
Hamiet Bluiett Before Yesterday; Mahalia...No Other One Resolution Black Saint
Hamiet Bluiett Doll Baby aka Song Service Birthright: A Solo Blues Concert India Navigation

The subject of today's profile was baritone saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer Hamiet Bluiett.