Jazz Profiles playlist for 08/19/2012

Sam Engel
Artist Title Album Label Link
Albert Ayler Omega Is the Alpha The Village Concerts ABC Impulse
Cecil Taylor Tales (8 Whisps) Unit Structures Blue Note
Cecil Taylor Conquistador Conquistador! Blue Note
Cecil Taylor Niggle Feuigle The Great Paris Concert Black Lion
Jimmy Lyons However - My You Other Afternoons BYG (Pic-A-Dilly)
Sunny Murray Angels and Devils Sunny Murray Quintet ESP-Disk
Albert Ayler Ghosts; Dancing Flowers; Bells Love Cry Impulse!
Alan Silva Solestrial Skillfulness ESP-Disk
Sunny Murray This Nearly Was Mine; Angel Son Big Chief Pathé-Marconi
Grachan Moncur III Exploration; Space Spy New Africa BYG Actuel
Bill Dixon The Sirens; November 1981 November 1981 Soul Note
Bill Dixon Summer Song/Two/Evening Bill Dixon in Italy Vol. One Soul Note
Bill Dixon Sketch/Firenze Bill Dixon in Italy Vol. Two Soul Note
Andrew Hill Trio Strange Serenade; Reunion Strange Serenade Soul Note
Alan Silva Untimeliness Inner Song Sun Records
Frank Wright & Alan Silva Sound of A Solos, Duets Sun Records
Bobby Few Few's Blues More or Less Sun Records
Alan Silva and the Celestial Communications Orchestra The Shout The Shout Portrait for a Small Woman Chiaroscuro Records
Burton Greene encounters Alan Silva and Sunny Murray Any Resemblence Between a Double Aquarian Mother and Planet Earth is Purely Coincidental Firmanence Fore
Alan Silva and Oluyemi Thomas Offering to the Exalted One; Soft Flowing Waters Transmissions Eremite
Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra Rocket #9; The Voice of Pan Pt. I Pharoah Sanders: In the Beginning ESP

Kevin "(the) Magus" Crowley programmed the show through the Grachan Moncur III record "New Africa".