Jazz Profiles playlist for 07/01/2012

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Andrew Hill So in Love; Chiconga; Body and Soul So in Love Warwick
Rashaan Roland Kirk Domino; Meeting on Termini's Corner; Time; Lament; A Stritch in Time; 3-in-1 Without the Oil Domino Trip
Andrew Hill Smoke Stack; The Day After; Wailing Wall; Ode to Von Smoke Stack Blue Note
Andrew Hill Alfred; Judgement; Reconciliation Judgement Blue Note
Andrew Hill Refuge; New Monastery Point of Departure Blue Note
Andrew Hill The Groits; Black Monday; Duplicity Andrew!!! Blue Note
Andrew Hill Soul Special; Bayou Red Grass Roots Blue Note
Andrew Hill Hey Hey; Lift Every Voice Lift Every Voice Blue Note
Andrew Hill Poinsettia; Illusion; Fragments One for One Blue Note
Andrew Hill East 9th Street; Naked Spirit; Insanity Riff; Sophisticated Lady Hommage East Wind
Andrew Hill Come Sunday; Relativity Live at Montreaux Arista
Andrew Hill Nefertiti; Hattie; Mudflower; Unnatural Man Nefertiti Inner City
Andrew Hill Dusk; ML; Ball Square; Tough Love Dusk Palmetto
Andrew Hill Whitsuntide; Smooth Timelines Blue Note