Jazz Profiles playlist for 06/05/2011

Kevin "(the) Magu...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Anthony Braxton To artist Murray De Pillars; To pianist Cecil Taylor; Dedicated to Susan Axelrod For Alto
Anthony Braxton / Wadada Leo Smith / Leroy Jenkins / Muhal Richard Abrams N-M488-44M Z------* Three Compositions of New Jazz
Anthony Braxton / Wadada Leo Smith / Leroy Jenkins / Steve McCall NO 147A - B-X0 NO 147A - B-X0
Anthony Braxton / Wadada Leo Smith / Leroy Jenkins / Steve McCall Small Composition No. 1-4; In the Street; This Time... This Time...
Creative Construction Company No More White Gloves (With Sand Under Your Shoes Doing a Dance), Pt. 1 Creative Construction Company, Vol. II
Anthony Braxton / Kenny Wheeler / Dave Holland / Barry Altschul 67M F-12; R76 1 4 The Complete Braxton 1971
London Tuba Ensemble 3 24 (Tuba Realization) [Braxton composition] The Complete Braxton 1971
Anthony Braxton Donna Lee; Composition No. 23L Donna Lee
Anthony Braxton Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; Lush Life; Body and Soul In the Tradition
Anthony Braxton Brilliant Corners Six Monk's Compositions
Anthony Braxton & Muhal Richard Abrams Maple Leaf Rag; Nickie; "Cut Two" 37-76-64 Duets 1976
Anthony Braxton & Max Roach Rebirth Birth and Rebirth
Anthony Braxton & Joseph Jarman SBN - A-1 66K (Composition No. 20) Together Alone
Anthony Braxton & George Lewis Ornithology; C-OH-W60364 - 2N04 (12M) Elements of Surprise
Anthony Braxton "Cut Two" Z-42 0-500 NWK; "Cut Two" 6-10 62 Z04 Creative Orchestra Music 1976
Anthony Braxton Solo This Time...

On this Jazz Profiles, we belatedly celebrated the 66th birthday of Anthony Braxton (b. 6/4/1945) by examining his early work with other members of the AACM as well as his solo and duet excursions and his flirtation with the jazz songbook. Leena Mahan took over DJ duties after Braxton's Donna Lee.