Jazz Profiles playlist for 05/25/2014

Tess Domb Sadof
Artist Title Album Label Link
James Moody Hot House In the Beginning Inner City Jazz
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Planet Earth Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth Saturn
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra Watusa; Aiethopia The Nubians of Plutonia Saturn
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Somewhere in Space; Interstellar Low Ways Interstellar Low Ways Saturn
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Eve We Travel The Spaceways Saturn
Sun Ra and his Arkestra Angels & Demons at Play; Spontaneous Simplicity Music from Tomorrow's World: Live at the Wonder Inn Altavistic
Sun Ra The Beginning; New Day; Tapestry From An Asteroid The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra Savoy
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra Flight to Mars Secrets of the Sun Saturn
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra Celestial Fantasy When Angels Speak of Love Evidence
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra And Otherness Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy Saturn
Paul Bley Quintet Around Again; Batterie; Ictus Barrage ESP
Sun Ra Exotic Forest Nothing Is... Base
Sun Ra and his Astro-Infinity Arkestra Worlds Approaching Strange Strings Saturn
Sun Ra Song of the Sparer; Spontaneous Simplicity Outer Spaceways Incorporated Black Lion
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Solar Arkestra Space Loneliness Nidhamu: Live in Cairo Art Yard
Sun Ra and His Solar-Myth Arkestra The Utter Nots The Solar Myth Approach (Vol 2) Affinity
Sun Ra Unidentified Live at Slug's Saloon Transparency
Sun Ra and His Space Arkestra Astro Black; Discipline 27; Enlightenment What Planet Is This? Golden Years
Sun Ra Friendly Galaxy 2 Live in Cleveland Golden Years
Sun Ra & His Arkestra A quiet place in the universe; I'll never be the same A Quiet Place in the Universe Leo
The Sun Ra Arkestra Yeah Man!; Queer Notions; Big John's Special; Somewhere Over the Rainbow Springtime in Chicago Golden Years
Sun Ra Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue El Saturn
Sun Ra Arkestra Silhouettes of the Shadow World; Cocktails for Two Sunrise In Different Dimensions Hat Hut
Sun Ra Arkestra Under the Direction of Marshall Allen Dreams Come True; You'll Find Me Live at the Paradox In & Out

Happy 90th birthday Marshall Allen!