Jazz Profiles playlist for 05/06/2012

Dorian Bon
Artist Title Album Label Link
The Art Ensemble of Chicago featuring Muhal Richard Abrams Fanfare for the Warriors
Muhal Richard Abrams Young at Heart Wise in Time
Muhal Richard Abrams Colors in Thirty Third
Muhal Richard Abrams Afrisong
Muhal Richard Abrams Mama and Daddy
Muhal Richard Abrams 1-OQA+19
Muhal Richard Abrams and Cecil McBee Roots of Blue
Muhal Richard Abrams and Amina Claudine Myers Duet
Muhal Richard Abrams and George Lewis SoundDance

Honoring Muhal Richard Abrams and the sounds he has made over the years... and in expectation of sounds to come...

poetry by Amus Mor, Nathaniel Mackey, Robert Desnos

visitation from the dead by Giordano Bruno

Musicians: George Lewis, Cecil McBee, Amina Claudine Myers, Henry Threadgill, Leroy Jenkins, Joseph Jarman, Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Malachi Favors, John Jackson, Lester Bowie, Thurman Barker, Charles Clark, Don Moye, Christopher Gaddy, Kalaparusha, Douglas Ewart, Chico Freeman, Reggie Nicholson, Fred Hopkins, Leonard Jones, Steve Mcall, Baikida Carroll, Wallace McMillan, Vincent Chancey, Bob Stewart, Brian Smith, Andrew Cyrille, Lester Lashley.

(Abrams to receive honorary doctorate in music from Columbia in a couple of weeks)