Jazz Profiles playlist for 04/03/2011

David Su
Artist Title Album Label Link
Miles Davis Mademoisselle Mabry (Miss Mabry) Filles de Kilimanjaro Columbia
Miles Davis In a Silent Way/It's About That Time In a Silent Way Columbia
Miles Davis Yesternow A Tribute to Jack Johnson Columbia
Dave Holland/Barre Phillips Improvised Piece II Music from Two Basses
Dave Holland Quartet Four Winds; Q&A; Conference of the Birds; Interception; Now Here (Nowhere); See-Saw Conference of the Birds ECM
Anthony Braxton Side One, Cut 1 6/77AR/36K/(NJD)/T New York, Fall 1974 ECM
Collin Walcott Margueritti; Prancin'; Vadana Cloud Dance ECM
Dave Holland Quintet Jumpin' In; First Snow; The Dragon and the Samurai Jumpin' In ECM
Karl Berger Ornette; Out There Alone; Drums First; We Change Transit Black Saint
Dave Holland Trio Rivers Run Triplicate ECM
Dave Holland Quartet Black Hole Extensions ECM
Dave Holland Pork Pie Hat; Mr. P.C. Ones All Intuition Music
DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny Cantaloupe Island Parallel Realities Live Jazz Door
Betty Carter Lover Man Feed the Fire Polygram
Dave Holland Quintet Prime Directive Prime Directive ECM
Dave Holland Quintet Shifting Sands Not for Nothin' ECM
Bill Frisell Moon River; Hard Times (Come Again No More) With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones Elektra
Dave Holland Big Band Last Minute Man Overtime Dare2
Dave Holland Quintet Vicissitudes Ciritcal Mass Dare2
Dave Holland Octet Pathways Pathways Dare2

Dave Holland (b. Oct 1, 1946): bassist and composer. Today we examined his output with Miles Davis, solo and collaborative efforts throughout the 70s and 80s, and finally his own projects in the 90s and 2000s.