Jazz Profiles playlist for 04/01/2012

Jacob Sunshine
Artist Title Album Label Link
Pharaoh Sanders Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, Japan Tauhid Impulse
Byard Lancaster John's Children, Satan It's Not Up To Us Vortex
Herbie Mann Windows Opened Windows Opened Atlantic
Herbie Mann Hold On I'm Coming Memphis Underground Atlantic
Herbie Mann Wailing Wall Concerto Grosso in D Blues Atlantic
Pharaoh Sanders Balance Izipho Zam (My Gifts) Strata-East
Sonny Sharrock Black Woman, Blind Willie, Portrait of Linda in Three Colors- All Black, Peanut Black Woman Vortex
Wayne Shorter Super Nova Super Nova Blue Note
Miles Davis Yesternow A Tribute to Jack Johnson Columbia
Sonny Sharrock Apollo, Gary's Step Paradise Atco
Material Unauthorized Memory Serves Elektra/Musician
Bill Laswell Untitled Improvisations Improvised Music New York 1981 Muworks
Sonny Sharrock Blind Willie, Princess and the Magician, Like Voices of Sleeping Birds, Flowers Laugh, They Enter the Dream Guitar Enemy
Last Exit Last Call Koln Atavistic
Last Exit Discharge, Pig Freedom, Zulu Butter Last Exit Enemy
Last Exit Needles Balls, Civil War Test The Noise of Trouble Enemy
Last Exit Big Boss Man, Cassette Recordings 87 Enemy
Sonny Sharrock Seize The Rainbow, Sheraserhead's High-top Sneakers Seize The Rainbow Enemy
Machine Gun Obsession and Oblivion Open Fire MUNY
Sonny Sharrock Promises Kept, Who Does She Hope To Be?, As We Used To Sing, Many Mansions Ask The Ages Axiom

Profile of Jazz Guitarist Sonny Sharrock