Jazz Profiles playlist for 01/26/2014

Ahmet Ali Arslan
Artist Title Album Label Link
Muhal Richard Abrams My Thoughts Are My Future - Now and Forever Levels and Degrees of Light Delmark
Muhal Richard Abrams Young At Heart Young at Heart/Wise in Time Delmark
Creative Construction Company Muhal (Part II) Vol.1 Muse Records
Art Ensemble of Chicago Barnyard Scuffel Shuffel; Noonah Fanfare for the Warriors Atlantic
Eddie Harris Turbulance Excursions Atlantic
Marion Brown Sweet Earth Flying (Part II) Sweet Earth Flying Impulse
Muhal Richard Abrams Down The Street From The Gene Ammons Public School; Journey Home As Seen Through The Fariness Of Life Duet Black Saint
Muhal Richard Abrams Roots of Blue Roots of Blue RPR
Muhal Richard Abrams J.G.; Sightsong Sightsong Black Saint
Anthony Braxton Side 2 Cut 2 Duets 1976 Arista
Barry Altschul You Can't Name Your Own Tune You Can't Name Your Own Tune Muse
Clifford Jordan Toy Inward Fire Muse
Chico Freeman Merger Chico India Navigation
Woody Shaw with Anthony Braxton Jitterbug Waltz The Iron Men Muse
Muhal Richard Abrams Charlie in the Parker; Arythm Songy 1-0QA+19 Black Saint
Muhal Richard Abrams Blessed Be The Heavens at 12 Rejoicing With The Light Black Saint
Muhal Richard Abrams Bloodline Blu Blu Blu Black Saint
Muhal Richard Abrams Drumman Cyrille; Miss Richarda Colors in Thirty-Third Black Saint
Muhal Richard Abrams Part 1 Vision Towards Essence Pi
Muhal Richard Abrams Scrape Streaming Pi

Profiling Muhal Richard Abrams.