Jazz Profiles playlist for 01/23/2011

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Herbie Nichols The Third World; Step Tempest; Dance Line; Blue Chopsticks; Double Exposure; Cro-Magnon Nights The Prophetic Herbie Nichols, Vol. 1 Blue Note
Herbie Nichols Amoeba's Dance; Crisp Day; 2300 Skiddoo; It Didn't Happen; Shuffle Montgomery; Brass Rings The Prophetic Herbie Nichols, Vol. 2 Blue Note
Herbie Nichols The Gig; House Party Starting; Chit Chattin'; The Lady Sings the Blues; Terpsichore; The Spinning Song; Query; Wildflower; Hangover Triangle; Mine The Herbie Nichols Trio Blue Note
Herbie Nichols Too Close for Comfort; Every Cloud; Argumentative; Love, Gloom, Cash, Love; Portrait of Ucha; Beyond Recall; All the Way; 45 Degree Angle; Infatuation Eyes; S'Crazy Pad Love, Gloom, Cash, Love Bethlehem

The music of two lost masters: Herbie Nichols and Phineas Newborn.