Jazz Alternatives playlist for 11/24/2010

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Oum Kaltsoum Koli Mayezdad (Daour) Anthologie De La Musique Arabe
Zaki Murad Hatili Yamma Les Archives De La Musique Arabe - Volume 1
Andy Laster's Lessness Blessed Days Interpretations of Lessness
Andy Laster's Lessness Mito Window Silver Bright
Duke Ellington The Telecasters Such Sweet Thunder
Gerry Mulligan Here I'll Stay Jeru
Pepper Adams Enchilada Baby The Master
Andy Laster's Hydra July Song Soft Shell
The Julius Hemphill Sextet Otis' Groove The Hard Blues
The Julius Hemphill Sextet A Bitter Glory At Dr. King's Table
Maceo Parker Let's Get It On Mo' Roots
Erik Friedlander Prowl Prowl
New & Used Melchior Kimmel Consensus
Zaki Murad Ya Bent El Amm s Archives De La Musique Arabe - Volume 1
Jimmy Giuffre 3 The Easy Way The Easy Way
Johnny Hodges Jeep's Blues Everbody Knows Johnny Hodges
Duke Ellington Old Man's Blues Volume 9 - Mood Indigo 1930
Matthew Greenbaum Castelnau Hotel de Etoile Psalter and Other Works
Morris Rosenberg Angels, Emeralds, and the Towers Morris Rosenzweig
Andy Laster's Lessness In Teum Window Silver Bright
Tim Berne Terre Haute Sanctified Dreams
Benjamin Britten The Flaying Billy Budd
Gustav Mahler Nun will die Sonn so hell aufgehn Kindertotenlieder
Andy Laster's Hydra Vidua Polyogue
Sonny Criss I'll Catch the Sun I'll Catch the Sun
Bunky Green You've Changed Healing the Pain

Featured guest: Andy Laster

Andy Laster will be performing on Friday, December 3 at Roulette at 8:30pm.