Jazz Alternatives playlist for 06/21/2011

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Matt Wilson Thank You Billy Higgins!; Swimming in the Trees; Cooperation Humidity Palmetto
David S. Ware 4th Dimensional Live in the Netherlands Splasc(H)
Brian Drye's Bizingas Guilty Bizingas NCM East
Ches Smith Difference Congs for Brums II: Noise to Men Second Congs
Dean Bowman You Can Hear the Lamb's A Cryin' Death Don't Have No Mercy Living Jazz Archive
Paradoxical Frog Iron Spider Paradoxical Frog Clean Feed
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier Gowanus; Little Mortise Hotel du Nord Intakt
Every musician performing in the Undead Jazzfest Undead Jazzfest 2011 Trailer
Harriet Tubman Double Trio Down Shift / Ascension Ascension Sunnyside
Jamie Saft's New Zion Trio Lost Dub 16 Fight Against Babylon Veal
Blair McClendon and Hannah Rubashkin A Reading of an Email Exchange between Dave King and Gary Hawkins
Dave King Trucking Company April in Gary; You Can't Say "Poem in Concrete" Good Old Light Sunnyside
Darius Jones Trio Welcome to Earth Live at Roulette unreleased
Mike Pride's From Bacteria to Boys Reese Witherspoon Betweenwhile AUM Fidelity
Jon Irabagon Foxy; Proxy; Chicken Poxy; Boxey Foxy Hot Cup
Harris Eisenstadt Cobble Hook Canada Day II Songlines
Adam Schatz and Brian Drye A Telephone Interview with Brian Drye
Peter Brotzmann's Full Blast Black Hole Black Hole Atavistic

This Tuesday edition of Jazz Alternatives featured an extended interview with Search and Restore founder Adam Schatz. Mr. Schatz spoke on many topics, including the upcoming Undead Jazzfest, running from June 23 to June 26. Info and tickets available at www.undeadjazz.com.