Jazz Alternatives playlist for 01/19/2012

David Su
Artist Title Album Label Link
Kevin Shea Quintet Frosty Unreleased
Steve Vai Little Green Men Flex-Able Epic
Wolfgang Ihm (performed by Teodoro Anzellotti and Arditti String Quartet) Fetzen, fur Akkordeon und Streichquartett: Fetzen 4 fur Bratsche und Akkordeon Fetzen Winter & Winter
Steve Lehman Octet Dub Travail, Transformation, and Flow Pi
American Liberty League Going to Coney Island Going to Coney Island
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuck XVI Flute and Synthesizer Stockhousen-Verlag
whack whack cimpy wimp
Return to Forever Medieval Overture Romantic Warrior Columbia
Steve Vai There's Something Dead in Here Flex-Able Epic
Talibam! + Sam Kulik Mottel Surprise Discover Atlantass Belly Kids
Alan Wilkinson Pixieland Practice Bo Weavil
Culturecide California Punks Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America none
Puttin' on the Ritz Earth Angel Bangin' Your Way Into the Future Hot Cup
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuck XVII Flute and Synthesizer Stockhousen-Verlag
Beans Anvil Falling End it All Anticon
Mostly Other People Do The Killing Andover 2007 Shamokin' Hot Cup
Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble Gewk - Laked - Done Mon Music of Burma Fire Museum
Chick Corea Elektric Band Check Blast To the Stars Stretch
Euis Komairah and Jugala Orchestra Jaipongan Java GlobeStyle
Chick Corea & Return to Forever Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Polygram
Princess Nicotine Really Strange and Weird Things Folk and Pop Sounds of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 1 Sublime Frequencies
Chick Corea Akoustic Band Bessie's Blues Akoustic Band GRP
VA Myanmar: Music by the Hsaing Waing Orchestra Unesco
Peter Evans + Kevin Shea Evans/Shea Duo 7 Zonbineskusha unreleased
Karlheinz Stockhousen Komet Michael's Call StockhausenCDs.com
Anton Webern Movements (5) for String Quartet, Op. 5: No. 1, Heftig Bewegt Complete String Trios and Quartets (Arditti) Disques Montaignes
Talibam! + Sam Kulik Naughty 2Nite Discover Atlantass Belly Kids
Jean Dubuffet Musical Experiences, 1963 Audio By Visual Artists Tellus 21
Richard Barrett, Elision Ensemble Negatives for 9 Players; I Delta Richard Barrett: Chamber Works Etcetera
Klark Kent 2 Kool for Kalypso Klark Kent IRS
Big Strong Man Irish Drinking Songs

The Musician Show with drummer/composer/performer Kevin Shea!