Duke Ellington Birthday Broadcast playlist for 04/29/2012

Jacob Sunshine
Artist Title Album Label Link
Duke Ellington Echoes of Harlem, Prelude in C Sharp Minor, If Dreams Come True, Harmony in Harlem, It's the Dreamer In Me, Every Day Cotton Club 1938 (Three Blind Mice) Jazz Archives Recordings
Duke Ellington Black, Brown and Beige Suite Black, Brown and Beige Columbia
Duke Ellington In The Beginning God, Tell Me It's The Truth, Come Sunday, The Lord's Prayer, Come Sunday, Will You Be There?, Ain't But The One, New World A-Coming, David Danced Before The Lord With All His Might Concert of Sacred Music RCA Victor
Duke Ellington Tourist Point of View, Bluebird of Delhi (Mynah), Isfahan, Depk, Mount Harissa, Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues), Agra, Amad, Ad Lib on Nippon The Far East Suite Bluebird
Duke Ellington Oclupaca, Chico Cuadradino, Eque, Tina Latin American Suite Fantasy

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