Daybreak Express playlist for 11/15/2010

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Curtis Hasselbring White Sauce Hot Sauce Boss?; The Infinite Infiniteness of Infinity; ABCs of the Future; Plubis Epilogue; Double Negative; (I'm the annoying guy who always yells) Freebird The New Mellow Edwards Skirl
Tony Malaby's Apparitions Homogenous Emotions; Old Smokey; Dreamy Drunk; Can't Sleep; Sour Diesel Voladores Clean Feed
Peter Evans Bodies and Souls; How Long; Tag The Peter Evans Quartet Firehouse 12
Michael Attias Creep; Thingin'; Do & the Birds; Fenix Culprit; Wels Renku in Coimbra Clean Feed
Ben Wendel, Harish Raghavan, Nate Wood News; Act; Title; Oldworld ACT BJURecords
Marcus Strickland Trio Cuspy's Delight; Rebirth; Scatter Heart; The Child; Middle Man Idiosyncracies Strick Muzik
Steve Lehman Check This Out; On Meaning; Great Plains of Algiers; Process On Meaning Pi