Daybreak Express playlist for 11/01/2010

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dan Tepfer Trio All I Heard Was Nothing; Le Plat Pays; Interlude 1 (Unison); Peal Repeal Five Pedals Deep Sunnyside
Daniel Kelly Moroccan Nutchuck; Obfyor; Michelangelo's Uncarved Block; July 25th Emerge BJURecords
Mike Fahie The Journey; Village Greene; Waltz for P.C. Anima BJURecords
Ben Perowksy Quartet Within You, Without You; Flying; Murnau; Present Distance; Red Hook Esopus Opus Skirl
Rob Mosher's Storytime On a Clear Day; The Sands of Maundune; Twilight; Silhouette of the Man in the Fog The Tortoise Rob Mosher
Christine Jensen Dancing Sunlight; Arbutus; Red Cedar Treelines Justin Time
Lucian Ban & John Hebert Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano - 1st movement, malincolico; Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano - 2nd movement, misterioso; Piano Suite No. 1 Enesco Re-Imagined Sunnyside