Daybreak Express playlist for 09/02/2011

Marin Fanjoy-Labrenz
Artist Title Album Label Link
Don Pullen Warriors Dance: Little Don, Part I & II Warriors Black Saint
Oliver Lake Trio Clicker; Shine Zaki hat ART CD 6113
Roswell Rudd It's Happening Blown Bone Emanem 4131
Sam Rivers Paeaen; Effusive Melange Involution Blue Note Reissue
Steve Lacy Sextet Morning Joy; The Smile The Condor SN 1135 CD
David Liebman Roots - Take I The Tree Soul Note 121195-2
Ahmad Jamal Pots en Verre - solo piano improvisations No. 1-4 Ahmad Jamal with the Assai Quartet Roesch Records 0042
Tomas Fujiwara, Taylor Ho Bynum Keys No Address Stepwise Not Two MW 828-2
Miguel Zenón Ulysses In Slow Motion; Santo Awake Marsalis Music
Sonny Simmons, Brandon Evans Dolphy'ning Universal Prayer/Survival Skills Parallactic 05
Sam Rivers Fuschia Swing Song; Downstairs Blues Upstairs Fuschia Swing Son BST 84184
Frank Lowe Out of Nowhere; T.C. Cheyenne Out of Nowhere Ecstatic Peace!