Daybreak Express playlist for 08/03/2012

Aidan Miles a.k.a...
Artist Title Album Label Link
Alice Coltrane Galaxy Around Olodumare; Galaxy in Turiya Reflection On Creation and Space impulse
Joe Henderson Mode for Joe; Black Mode for Joe Blue Note
Hank Mobley Suite (Thinking of Home, The Flight, Home At Last); Justine; Talk About Gettin' It Thinking of Home Liberty/United
Wham and They're Off; Fin De L'affaire Hank Mobley Quintet Blue Note
Joe Farrell Outback; Sound Down Outback CTI
Penny Arcade; Too High Penny Arcade
Herbie Hancock Gibralter In Concert Volume Two CTI
The Sorcerer; Pee Wee; I Fall In Love Too Easily; Well You Needn't; Round Midnight; Clear Ways Quartet