Daybreak Express playlist for 07/25/2012

Mark Micchelli
Artist Title Album Label Link
Dave Douglas Red Emma; Punchy; Road/Home; Head-on Kouvlodsko; The Drowned Girl Tiny Bell Trio Songlines
BassDrumBone Unforgiven; The Masque; Lips and Grits; The Other Parade The Other Parade Clean Feed
Marty Ehrlich's Rites Quartet Ballade; You Can Beat the Slanted Cards Frog Leg Logic Clean Feed
Henry Theadgill Zooid So Pleased, No Clue; See the Blackbird Now; Ambient Pressure Thereby Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp Pi
Erik Friedlander Rain Bearers; A Dangerous Game; A Closer Walk with Thee; Najime Prowl CryptoGramophone
Guillermo Klein Burrito; Globo; Ninos; Mariana Carrera Sunnyside
Claudia Quintet Just Like Him; Opening; "arabic" I, Claudia Cuneiform
Mostly Other People Do The Killing Factoryville The Coimbra Concert Clean Feed