Daybreak Express playlist for 07/21/2011

Anabel Anderson
Artist Title Album Label Link
Joe Lee Wilson Without a Song; The Midnight Sun Will Never Set; Soul Lady; Sphirlov (Hurricane); Hawk is Talkin'; Hey Look at You; Why Did You Come Into My Life; Return of the Prodigal Sun; Feeling Good Without a Song Inner City LP 1064
Archie Shepp with Joe Lee Wilson Money Blues Part I, Part II, & Part III Things Have Got to Change ABC Impulse 9212
Archie Shepp with Joe Lee Wilson Come Sunday; The Lady; The Cry of My People The Cry of My People ABC Impulse 9231
Archie Shepp with Joe Lee Wilson Steam Part I, Invocation to Mr. Parker, Steam Part II Attica Blues ABC Impulse 9222
Billy Gault, Joe Lee Wilson, Ellen DeLeston, Bill Saxton, Billy Skinner, James "Fish" Benjamin, Michael Carvin Nothing But a Man; The Time of This World is at Hand When Destiny Calls Inner City LP 2027
Joe Lee Wilson & Bond Street: Wilson, Monty Waters, George Avaloz, Ryo Kawasaki, Rashied Ali Parting; Nice and Easy (Such a Lovely Lady) What Would it be Without You Survival SR 110
Clifford Jorda, Joe Lee Wilson, Dizzy Reese, Pat Patrick, Howard Johnson, Muhal Richard Abrams, Richard Davis, Azzedine Weston, Louis Hayes, Jimmy Ponder, Grover Everette Buddy Bolden's Call Inward Fire Muse MR 5128
Sonny Murray Umum Quartet: Joe Lee Wilson, Sonny Murray, Philly Joe Jones, Middy Middleton, Edward Crockett Encounter New American Music Vol. 1 Folkways FTS33901
Joe Lee Wilson and Bond Street: Wilson, Kyoto Fujiwara, Shiro Mori, Monty Waters, George Avaloz It's the Same Thing Everywhere; A House is Not a Home; Where Did They Go (poem); As I Live and Breathe; What Would I Be Without You (For Cal Massey) unreleased WKCR Archives: recorded live on Jazz Alternatives, Nov. 22, 1976

In loving memory of Joe Lee Wilson (December 22, 1935 - July 17, 2011)