Daybreak Express playlist for 07/21/2010

Zoë Harris
Artist Title Album Label Link
Roscoe Mitchell, George Lewis, Leo Smith L-R-G Roscoe Mitchell Nessa N-14/15
Roscoe Mitchell, Thurman Barker, Anthony Braxton, Douglas Ewart, Malachi Favors, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye, Henry Threadgill The Maze Roscoe Mitchell Nessa N-14/15
Roscoe Mitchell S II Examples Roscoe Mitchell Nessa N-14/15
Space (Roscoe Mitchell, Tom Buckner, Gerald Oshita) An Interesting Breakfast Conversation; Live At The Public Theater, I; SVSA, Scene 1; Live At The Public Theater, II An Interesting Breakfast Conversation: Improvisations 1750 ARCH s-1806
Billy Bang & Charles Tyler Alabama African; Closer To The Flowers; Viobari; Legend of the Lawmen Live At Green Space ANIMA 2BT-78
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Quartet Three For The Festival; Moon Song; A Sack Full of Soul; The Haunted Melody; Blues For Alice; We Free Kings; You Did It, You Did It; Some Kind of Core; My Delight We Free Kings Trip Jazz TLP-5541
Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor Apple cores; Past Perfect Tense; One up and One Down Apple Cores Philly Jazz PJ 1004