Daybreak Express playlist for 05/18/2012

Nico Esguerra
Artist Title Album Label Link
Duke Ellington Daybreak Express
Ahmad Jamal Old Devil Moon, Ahmad's Blues, Poinciana The Piano Scene of Ahmad Jamal Epic
Albert Ayler Ghosts, Omega, Dancing Flowers, Bells Love Cry impulse!
Booker Little Victory and Sorrow, Forward Flight, Looking Ahead Booker Little and Friend Bethlehem
Dollar Brand The Pilgrim Cape Town Fringe Chiaroscuro
Don Cherry The Orient The Orient Affinity
The Gil Evans Orchestra La Nevada, Bilbao Song Out of the Cool impulse!
Cecil Taylor Indent: first layer Indent Arista
Ahmad Jamal Bogota Outertimeinnerspace impulse!
Sam Rivers Fuchsia Swing Song, Downstairs Blues Upstairs, Cyclic Episode Fuchsia Swing Song Blue Note
Archie Shepp Blues for Brother George Jackson, Ballad for a Child, Good Bye Sweet Pops, Quiet Dawn Attica Blues ABC
Illinois Jacquet Port of Rico, How High the Moon, Every Day, 'Round Midnight, Bottoms Up How High the Moon Fantasy