Daybreak Express playlist for 04/08/2011

David Su
Artist Title Album Label Link
Coleman Hawkins and Mary Lou Williams Honeysuckle Rose; Lost in a Fog; Corny Rhythm; Clean Pickin'; Overhand; Isabelle; Swingin; for Joy; Mary's Special Jazz Pioneers Prestige
Mary Lou Williams Fandangle; Mama, Pin a Rose on Me; Roll 'Em; Sweet Sue; Lullaby of the Leaves; Taurus A Keyboard History Jazztone
Mary Lou Williams Intermission; Holy Ghost; Zoning Fungus II; Ghost of Love; Medi II; Gloria Zoning Mary Records
Carla Bley Band Musique Mechanique I; Musique Mechanique II (At Midnight);Musique Mechanique III Musique Mechanique Watt/ECM
Carla Bley Utviklingssang; Valse Sinistre; Floater; Walking Batteriewoman Social Studies Watt/ECM
Carla Bley/Steve Swallow Reactionary Tango - Parts 1/2/3 Duets Watt/ECM
Geri Allen The Gathering; Dark Prince; Sleepin' Beauty; Light Matter; Baby's Breath (For Little Barbara) The Gathering Verve
The Mary Lou Williams Collective (Geri Allen, Buster Williams, Billy Hart, Andrew Cyrille) Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo Zodiac Suite: Revisited Mary Records

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