Afternoon New Music playlist for 11/15/2011

Cat Slowik
Artist Title Album Label Link
Merzbow Crash for Hi-Fi Great American Nude Alchemy Record (CD 035)
Richard Phineas with Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, Antoine Paganotti, Patrick Gauthier Depression (Loukoum) Metal/Crystal Cuneiform Records (CD 308)
Tatsuya Nakata & Peter Kowald 13 Definitions of Truth 13 Definitions of Truth Quakebasket (CD 20)
Beam Stone (Per Anders Nilsson, computer and synthesizer; Sten Sandell, piano, prepared piano, electronics and voice; Raymond Strid, percussion) "Grey Zone", "Refraction", Peneplain", "Threads", "Luster", "Saltation", "Recrystallization", 'Breccia", "Microseism", "Contact Metamorphism", "Mass Movement", "Angle of Repose" Beam Stone psi (CD 09.02)
Eugene Chadbourne, Bob Stagner, Dennis Palmer, Charles Waters Termite Damage Insect and Western c & p Leo Records (CD LR 256)
Borbetomagus Alchemical Theater 8/23/86 New York Performances June/August/September 1986 Agaric Records LP