Afternoon New Music playlist for 10/11/2010

Artist Title Album Label Link
Antonin Artaud To Have Done With The Judgement of God
Pierre Schaeffer Disc 1 L'Oeuvre Musicale Disctronics 1998
Arther Doyle entire disc Plays More Alabama Feeling Ecstatic Peace!
Sun Ra 2-6 Heliocentric Worlds Vol 1-2 ESP-Disk 2005 Syndicore
Sun Ra 11 Nothing Is Syndicore Music Enterplanetary Concepts ESP-DISK 2005
Glen Branca Side B Symphony No. 3 (GLORIA)
Dead C The Marriage of Reason and Squalor, Mordant Heaven The Operation of the Sonne The operation of the Sun 1993

We have lost our real shadows, we no longer speak to them, and our bodies have left with them. To lost one's shadow is already to forget one's body.