Afternoon New Music playlist for 08/07/2012

Thuto Durkac Somo
Artist Title Album Label Link
Keiji Haino I Already Know the Settlement of Iridescent Happiness Decided...Already the Motionless Heart of Tranquility, Tangling the Prayer Called "I" Tzadik
Kasper T. Toeplitz Vague de Pas Fissure
Soft Machine Spaced Seven; Spaced One Spaced Cuneiform Records
Sugarm Two-Winged Dove; Wipe Out Forever; Cockfighters; Belt Pkwy Mama; Swedish River Songs About Guns
Sugarm Cop Haircut; Whisky Night (Roofless); Radiating; Community of Lovers Wasted: Dark Matters
Masayuki Takayanagi Mass Projection live independence Selfportrait
bluezr memory; misunderstood; numb (alt); wolf in the wind (alt)
Cloud City Cars Ultra Mind Control; Black Metal Wedding Band; Rap Band; Black on 3 Sides; Stay Bored Stay Bored
Tokyo 77 Plastic Serrated Knife; 3 Doors Two Windows; Fourth Blade Down; Sings Do Not Use Tokyo 77