Afternoon New Music playlist for 07/27/2011

Ethan Perets
Artist Title Album Label Link
Philip Corner "perfect" 40 Years and One: Philip Corner Plays the Piano XI Records
Donald Martino (played by William Heiles) Pianississimo: A Sonata for Piano Perspectives of New Music Vol. 29 Perspectives of New Music
Robert Erickson (Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Conducted by Edwin London) Pacific Sirens Pacific Sirens New World Records
James Tenney Ergodos II James Tenney: Music For Violin and Piano Hat Hut Records LTD.
Roger Reynolds The Serpent-Snapping Eye All Known All White BMI
Diamanda Galas (with Richard Zvonar) Panoptikon
Ben Johnston (Performed by the Kepler Quartet) String Quartet No. 4
Benjamin Boretz Downtime Open Space 20 Open Space
Salvatore Martirano (Played by Marilyn Nonken) Cocktail Music