Afternoon New Music playlist for 07/24/2012

Thuto Durkac Somo
Artist Title Album Label Link
Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert, Jean-Jacques Avenel Part 1 Within
Stain Tracey & Evan Parker Babazuf; The Streatham Walk Crevulations
Blaise Siwula, Vattel Cherry, Jeff Arnal Vibes; Freedom in Wind; Good Bye Badlands
Myra Melford Trio Sun on the Sound Jump
Butch Morris The Bartok Comprovisation; Via Talciona Dust to Dust
Mary Ehrlich & The Dark Woods Ensemble Dusk; the tucked sleeve of a one-armed boy; Unison Emergency Peace
F. Vattel Cherry ideal/ordeal; divine martyrs for those who heal
Joe Bonica, Frank Ruhl, Martin Speicher, Georg Wolf Blau; Rot; Coda Giessen Improvisers Pool
Collin Walcott Gold Sun; Jewel Ornament Grazing Dreams
Will Gaines & Derek Bailey Duo; Rappin Tappin & Rappin